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My first question was: where did they put all those beds? 50 hotel rooms without a bed in it!

I was very pleased to get invited to the press and VIP opening of one of the most  innovative concepts in terms of brand Promotion ever made in town. The 25hours Hotel in the western part of Zurich got transformed into a Fashion marketplace, mall, networking spot and runway at the same time.

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Me and my friend Sandra entering the Fashionhotel
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After a warm welcome, and a delicious apero, the evening got started with a Fashion Show featuring one Piece of every brand that had its own store (or room) at the Hotel. Mostly Young, Swiss upcoming but also already established labels, showed us what sweet SS15 has to offer. From sexy seethrough, to romantic Dresses, classy leathergoods and outstanding, smashing jewelery. Beauty addicts could get their nails done, have a theeth bleaching or even a massage in three different rooms. Swiss watch Label Swatch surprised with an exibithion in the hotel’s Saunas.

The show was a nice warm up before the official opening of the various rooms, all guests were thrilled to go upstairs! In Addition to the Showrooms, every floor had its own bar and a DJ. Besides the young brands of a year or two, there were also well known Labels like Liebeskind or Hallhuber showing their Spring/Summer 2015 collection highlights.
The tour between all those pretty things was long and way cooler as imagined. It was nice to get some summer Inspiration for me, since I’m going to have hot weather soon on my world trip. It was hard to pick some favourites, but I was able to manage that!


Ibiza’s high life, Bali’s traditional look, a little bling, a bit of statement, things that sparkle and look good. Basically what Girls like into fancy Accessoires. JustWhatILike, indeed. Angela Meleti’s shop has a good combination between all those things, just better. My favourites: her earpieces! When I entered the room I literally wanted to sit down on the floor, and try every single one on. Earpieces are big in the fashion worlsd since a while, now but hers are true beauties, word!

Carlita’s Collezione

A passionate Surfergirl puts her love for Bali into her soft leatherbags. The items of Carlita’s Collezione are handcrafted in Indonesia, and every sold piece donates automatically one Swiss franc to SurfAid, a non-Profit humanitarian Organisation. Carla shared her room with jewel designer Olivia (Pourpour). Her self designed jewels have that exotic touch, and the fine golden necklaces are perfect for a romantic spirit. The bag collection has a wide selection of different satchels (for me, one of the best shapes of bags ever designed!) and clutches. “Is there a better Feeling than touching a soft leather, and knowing this bag is yours forever?”. There’s not. Any Girl should have one classic Piece, to wear all over the seasons.


Finding the perfect Jeans can actually become a Dilemma. These guys seems to have the answer. Selfnation is a Zurich/Berlin based brand, which is able to create a customized jeans by integrating some innovative Technologies, in combination with Italy’s best denim and European handcraft only. Selfnation has a Basic and a seasonal collection . It’s easy to order the jeans in a couple of clicks, by giving eight different measurements free. The customized item is delivered whithin 14 days from Germany and if it doesen’t fit, it can be easily changed by a Partner seamstress until it’s perfect. I had a nice talk with the guys, they seem to be down to earth and loving what they do. I love the concept, the different designs avalaible and the colors of their new collection.

Photo Credit: my friend Metropolischt
Photo Credit: my friend Metropolischt

Stand Black Nude

One of the non-Swiss Showrooms was occupied from a – obviously – Swedish brand: Stand Black Nude. Founded in 2013, this Label offers an amazing range of leather clothing. The jackets and Pants don’t remind of bikers anymore, they should be a Standard Piece into every modern woman’s closet. A pair of black leather Pants, combined with the simplicity of a White tank, can be a proud outstanding Outfit, without any excess. Typical Swedish Fashion, exactly how I love it the most.

Photo Credit: Stand Black Nude
Photo Credit: Stand Black Nude

Savannah Chic

Schruti Patel is the name behind the jewel designs of Savannah Chic. Born in Kenia, with Indian Roots, Schruti offers genuine afro-inspired treasures, handmade in Kenia. The necklaces and bracelets can be worn in every Occasion, are made of recycled materials, and last but not least, give work to amazingly skilled African artisans.

This first edition of Fashionhotel was a huge success! About 7000 overwhelmed visitors took Advantage of the 50 pop-up stores, to get the best inspirations for the upcoming season. The concept of trading Event, Fashion Show and party all together, just caused positive reactions.I have to admit, most of my heartbeats went to accessories Designers, with a couple of exeptions. I wasn’t surprised after all my years spent into the leathergoods industry.

I am looking Forward to Fashionhotel’s AW15 Edition, taking place again at 25hours Hotel Zurich West, from April 24th to April 26th, 2015.

A Special Thank You to Barbara Haueter, from Zenhäusern & Partner AG, and 25hours Hotel Zurich West for having me.

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