Lisbon: Stay. Eat. Enjoy.

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I’ll do a reverse thing here. My stay in Portugal goes way back to mid September, and I promised you to talk about it. The only thing I’m going to do that might seems a bit weird is starting to write about my journey from the very ending. Why? Well, it feels right and to be honest, one of those three articles will be a little more personal and requires some extra time to write and adjust. In addition to that, the start should be bright and beautiful, that’s the reason why I’d like to present you a true gem in the very center of Lisbon, which was perfect to end my trip. And ending with a bang, as many people say.

I have to admit, it was a relief to know that I was going to have my own private place for my last two nights. I enjoy the different possibilities of travelling and I share them as much as I can, that’s for sure. But after arriving back to the city with a cold, my mood wasn’t exactly on peak and not exactly willing to share bathrooms or a whole flat with other people. Plus, sometimes you need to cut out some extra time for yourself. It’s nice to be an introverted weirdo sometimes.

“Are you here just by yourself?”

When I arrived at Lisbon Short Stay, I had a vague idea of what to expect. I usually set my expectations on a lower point, because I hate to be disappointed as hell when the moment arrives. After my check in with this lovely gal, who was asking me if I REALLY was here alone, I went straight to my apartment asking myself if a solo traveller is a rarity in this place. Well, clarity came across very quickly, dear friends, because behind my colorful door there was a huge apartment awaiting, which easily accomodates up to six (!) people. Imagine my facial expression: I was expecting to set up in one of Lisbon Short Stay’s little sweet studios, and now I had princess times ahead! They opened a new wing of apartment next to the main building, and I can tell you they are lush. My cold was forgotten for the next couple of hours, because I had to explore this beauty as a whole.


The Flat

Design is key in every apartment here, no matter how big it is. The mixture between traditional with oriental furniture and colorful design elements make the vibe funky and homey in every corner. Every room is different: this can be in furnitures, tapestry or simply because of the sheets’ design. Ok, this shouldn’t be your business, but I think I never enjoyed sitting on a toilet that much – while staring at enlighted ceilings and their wavy patterns (three bathrooms, three different patterns, three different places to stare, bath and shower, ha!). The kitchen was spacious enough and probably the best equipped I’ve ever found so far, if I was travelling in company I would have hosted a big fat dinner both nights without any doubt. Another big benefit were the balconies on both sides of the flat, overlooking the busy streets of Baixa, which made the place bright and even more spacious.


The Bar & The Rooftop

Even if I would have loved to do so, I couldn’t lock myself inside for the following two days. Lisbon is a city blessed with amazing weather, the sun seems to be overpermanent here and the breeze makes it easy to explore everything by walk (a thing I ALWAYS highly reccommend) without fainting. The city is well known for its numerous lookout points. No matter which one you choose, I’m sure you’ll be blown away. So what would be the best upgrade here? Exactly: having your own panoramic place, just on top of your building! But first, I had to get myself something bubbly, refreshing and boozy, before heading sky high. Navegadoors, the bar and bistro downstairs is the perfect place for a break, happy hour or tapas in between. In the early morning instead, it’s the breakfast spot for guests, and believe me: you really really want to stuff your face with their mini Pastel de Nata! The outside terrace is amazing for people watching all day round and the drinks are usually supergenerous. So I carried my giant gin tonic to the rooftop (heavy thing!), just in time for sunset. Since the terrace is smaller than the usual rooftops you probably saw so far, it’s quite easy to join other people’s conversations. I happened to meet a bunch of amazing guys visiting from Porto, and ended at their company’s dinner. I suppose the rest is history… (never underestimate the Portuguese’s ability to party!)


Location Location!

As I told you before, I love moving around by walk. I think it’s a person’s best tool to explore a new place, to stop and to chill without missing a spot in between. I usually use public transportation for longer distances, or on a route I’ve already seen. Lisbon Short Stay is your first choice if you want to start in the very center of everything. As a shopaholic you’ll be located basically on site here in the Baixa district, museums and the Praça do Comércio are a few steps away. And so are as well all the steep streets and steps of Barrio Alto, famous for bars and nightlife, the Elevador de Santa Justa and even the historical Alfama quarter can be reached in around 15 minutes by walk. I don’t need to add that your metro stop is just around the corner and that it provides you a nonstop trip to the airport, right? Thank me later.


It was hard to leave, I have to be honest. 10 days in Portugal can really make you forget where you came from. Besides the breathtaking architecture and the Atlantic Ocean pretty much in front of your nose, the people here are key. I had the funniest and most interesting exchanges during my time here, I felt welcome and was immediately integrated in whatever situation I found myself at. Enjoy the company of this warm hearted human beings, I’m sure you’ll leave by wanting more and you’ll miss it even before leaving.


Lisbon Short Stay accomodates different sizes of groups, offering from studios to suites. All very well furnished, especially if you plan to cook from time to time or need more space than in a classic hotel room. More info for booking and more can be found here.

A huge thank you to the Lisbon Short Stay team for supporting my trip ❤

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