The Holistic Badass (…what?!)

Holistic Badass

This blog was born almost four years ago, and if you follow it since the very beginning, you could tell that there has been a little change on my website. I thought many times about opening a new website for this matter, but I decided that a separate chapter on the same blog would have been more appropriate. Do you think I am gone nuts? Nah, I’m just opening up a little more on my journey.

I have always been a person with multiple interests, and the past two years have probably been the most evolving and life changing for me. Still, I am the same person: a lover of roaming around the world and a floater along great music. These two things have been my constant companions in life and always will be. They go hand in hand with my personal evolution, so I decided to broad my spectrum and melt in a new section on my website. You may be here for the travel tips, you might like reading about festivals, or even, you’re open to know more about a conscious lifestyle, a thing that has nestled itself slowly into my everyday life. All these topics will remain steady here, so you won’t be disappointed on whatever you like to follow up to.

The past years I have been carried through the most beautiful things in my life while hitting rock bottom simultaneously. It took me a long time to get that we tend to only scratch the surface without going in depth with ourselves to see what’s really going on, or we completely ignore it until the point comes where we explode, usually nobody wants that. No wonder, since nowadays we are trimmed to a constant full function mode, while putting on a happy mask even if it’s not the case, just because the world tells us that otherwise we are too weak to succeed.

Let’s make a point right here already: you can be whatever you want, and succeed in whatever you want no matter what your personality is.

The Holistic Badass was born in order to show you that caring about yourself isn’t a tree hugger thing, it can be actually quite fun! I see it as one of my purposes to write about how to achieve a more balanced life without having to be that person living in a cracked up house in the woods without showering, only fishing out of a creek (but kudos if you are doing that love!).  This page should lead you to make little improvements in mind, body and spirit, without changing who your are, with no restriction and no rule. You should choose for yourself what to take out of it for a better everyday life, to be your own badass, your own best version.

In a nutshell, this section will cover the following:

  • The benefits of a plantbased lifestyle, including my own story, transition, routines and recipes I use on a regular basis
  • Food is fuel, but also thy medicine, a wise man once said. So I will for sure share how certain foods can have a positive impact on your well being and as well my experience with plant medicine.
  • The wonders of slowing down, by incorporating yoga and meditation in your everyday life
  • Little personal insights on the woo woo things and this can be very broad: self love, the law of attraction and so much more

No worries, I don’t want you to start chanting around your house nor to give up your wines and parties – I go out, I am a rockstar, I love my proseccos to death, I am still the same person, just a wee more balanced and carefree. That’s why I said there’s no restriction. If there’s one single thing that will serve you, I will have achieved my goal already. If there’s any specific topic you’d like me to cover, I am all ears, let me know.

Are you ready?

This section has as well a separate Instagram account, I’d love to see you there!

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